Telegeco is a solutions orientated environmental management & sustainable design consultancy with a proven track record in providing valuable, effective and innovative advice. We focus on quality which enhance operations and enables new development.

Telegeco is a Research and Development Centre providing Engineering consultancies and Economic management services, supporting research and development projects that achieve sustainablility.

Aim: Provide the infrastructure, resources, technologies, and leadership needed for the Center to promote efficient Research and Development projects. Objectives: (1) To foster research collaborations among majority and minority academic institutions; community centers; construction sites/agencies; community-based organizations; and associative RD's faith-based stakeholders; (2) To provide researchers with the resources and other support needed to conduct translational infrastructures' promotion and risk reduction research in at-risk communities; and (3) To employ innovative approaches for public and scientific dissemination of information regarding the Telegeco Research Center`s activities and outcomes.

Telegeco`s integration of qualified personnel, up-to-date technology, and sound management has established Telegeco as a semantic collaborator in civil - sanitary engineering & environmental management; public health; monitoring I.C.T's; numerical modelling - simulation models and associated engineering applications. Useful utilities are rovided in monitoring; quality assurance; quantitative analysis; project management and consulting field. Telegeco's expertise in sustainable design and environmental management supporting hydrological water utilities; web g.i.s utilities; project management tools; digital drawings support and permitting can get the project on two feet quicker than you might think.

Moreover, Telegeco provides useful services - products focused on public health & safety utilities; efficient sustainable designs; structural analysis and mechanics; environmental geotechnics; waste water - landfill biotechnology; risk assessment; public health protection; green chemistry; environmental resources protection; agriculture & food protection; sustainable development services; social sciences and environmental economics.

A Data Management Suite is provided for stakeholders covering a complete solution to operational project management; data management incorporating components to statistical data, information of useful indexes and qualitative results. Useful services are provided for the design, monitoring real-time measurements of a project, e-learning, results’ analysis and risk forecast. Efficient decision-making tools and useful products have been operated supported by Telegeco.

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